2017 SAVE ME, [ a ] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia, curator Enil Entcev
2017 Conversation With Angels / Ellinor’s house gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria2015  Painting / Monev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 Painting / Monev Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2011  Fantastic walk / Tandra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2011  La Dolce Vita / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2011  La Dolce Vita / Gallery ‘8’, Varna, Bulgaria
2007  Eclecticism in images / City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria
2005  Eclecticism in images / Lik Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2004  Between Utopia / Art House Triadiss, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002  Metamorfosi e immagini / curator Perla Cacciaguerra, Museum of poetry, Arezzo, Italy
2001  Kadinovi Brothers Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000  Janet Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1999  Palazzo commune Gallery, Arezzo, Italy
1998  Individuazioni / curator Nicola Nuti, Mentana Gallery, Florence, Italy


2017 Days of Bulgarian Culture in Israel, curator Ph.D. Rayna Damiani
2016 “One Year” / [a]cube contemporary gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016 For Fans / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016 15th Annual Exhibition 30/30 FORMAT / Astri Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016  First Bulgarian Abstract Competition 42 abstract / [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  “02” / [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  For Fans / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  Annual Exhibition (30/30 format) / Astri Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  Participation in the project IMAGO MUNDI of Luciano Benetton Foundation Collection / exhibition in the  Giorgio Cini Foundation, accompanying exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015, curated by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu, Venice, Italy
2015  The faces of the landscape / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014  Contemporary Istanbul, 2014 Turkey / represented by Yuzina Gallery and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, USA
2014  Art Fair / represented by  Yuzina Gallery, Huandzhou, China
2014  Only for fans / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2013  Project BREAKTROUGH / opening of Yuzina Art Center, atrium of Serdica Offices, Sofia, Bulgaria
2012  Breaking the masks, a joint project with Deyan Valkov, Niki Sotirov and Arabesque ballet in support of Unicef, Bulgaria / Yuzina Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2012  Paintings, Gallery artists / Yuzina Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2008  Learning to Fly / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007  20 years Gallery ‘8’ / Gallery ‘8’, Varna, Bulgaria
2006  Paintings / Art house Triadiss, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006  Art-center Altera, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006  Ci Bank Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005  Venetian Mosaic / Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2004  Sacral / Murgash Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002  Krida Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000  Irida Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000  ArteMisia- Le femmine nel ‘arte / Arezzo, Italy
2000  Iconographic route / curator Nicola Nuti, Mentana  Gallery, Florence, Italy
1999  Vitosha Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria