Visits to galleries and museums

The Bluess Art Studio students are happy to visit the exhibitions of the capital’s galleries. They get acquainted with the works of Bulgarian masters of fine art, with works of foreign artists who are visiting us.

Children successfully cope with redrawing famous paintings that they have touched live in the gallery. In this way, they develop an aesthetic sense, enrich their knowledge of different styles and trends in art and upgrade their own skills.

Exhibition of children from the “Blues” art studio

The annual exhibition of the Bluess art studio is a project that was realized in the halls of the capital Finess Gallery at Hristo Belchev Street, 17. The exhibition shows the progress of the small artists from the author’s art class of Stanislava Stoyanova. 16 children aged 5 to 12 exhibited their artistic projects – paintings, sculptures and author’s books, which they created during the past year.

The main direction at Bluess art studio is to show, explore and create. Imagination and play are the basis for children to better express their creative powers and turn them into thoughts, paintings, sculptures… At the exhibition, the visitors touched the variety of creative ideas of the small artists – Emma Lubomirova, Nikol Peneva, Rose Todorova, Elena Ivanova, Karina Moneva, Boris Dimitrov, Viktoria Tyuryulumova, Karina Todorova, Greta Lozanova, Iliana Bratanova, Angela Dimova, Mikhail Bratanov, Nia Doctorova, Tariya Dimova, Stella Georgieva and Anita Peneva.

This exhibition is carried out with the support of Finesse Gallery, New Parents, LEYA Healthy Foods, National Geographic Kids, Dimitar Penev, Valentin Georgiev and with the courtesy of all the parents of the participating children.

Participation in the 54th International Children’s Art Exhibition (ICAE)

Pentel, Tokyo/Osaka, Japan

The Pentel International Children’s Art Exhibition (ICAE) is an annual children’s drawing competition showcasing the work of young artists from around the world.

The competition is open to children between the ages of 3 and 15, and entries are judged on originality and expressive content. Pentel ICAE provides an opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent and creativity and participate in a major exhibition on an international scale.

The purpose of the competition is to explore the vivid imagination of children. ICAE enables children aged three to fifteen to express their creativity through paintings, drawings and collages.

These are the paintings of our young artists.

BLUESS ART STUDIO is a fine art studio, specializing in working with children aged 5 to 12 years.

Fine art classes in the studio are mainly in the fields of painting, graphics, and sculpture. The purpose of the studio is to develop imagination, a sense of beauty, and aesthetics in children, while at the same time, they experience joy and excitement from the work process, learn the basic laws and techniques in fine art, and also get acquainted with the work of famous artists. Visiting galleries and museums is part of the process of our work.

By participating in national and international competitions for children’s creativity, we encourage our students to develop their creative potential. Each creative year ends with a general exhibition of the works of the children from the studio in an established gallery. We also participate in international projects. During the holidays, we organize a Summer art camp near Sofia with various art activities, sports, and riding in nature.